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Collegerover is a company that provides a college comparison tool on its website. The company aims to help students and their families make informed decisions about their higher education options.

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  1. Challenge

    Collegerover is looking to increase traffic to its website through content marketing efforts, with a goal of achieving growth rates ranging from 20-50% per month.

  2. Solution

    Collegerover reached out too Digitala to develop and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy. This includes the creation of valuable, informative content that resonates with the target audience, as well as the distribution of that content through various channels such as social media, email, and partnerships with relevant websites and influencers.

  3. Key learnings

    By focusing on creating high-quality, informative content and distributing it through various channels, Collegerover was able to effectively attract and engage its target audience. This resulted in a significant increase in traffic and helped the company achieve its growth goals.

  4. Best practices

    Some of the best practices that Collegerover utilized in its content marketing campaign included conducting thorough audience research to understand the needs and interests of its target market, creating a content calendar to plan and schedule the release of new content, and leveraging data and analytics to track and measure the success of the campaign.

  5. Result

    Through the implementation of a content marketing strategy, Collegerover has seen a significant increase in website traffic. In the first month of the campaign, traffic increased by 35%, and this trend continued to grow over the course of the campaign. By the sixth month, traffic had increased by 50%.

  6. A: Adept at algorithms

    This helps enhance the website's relevance and SEO performance.

  7. Challenges faced

    One of the challenges faced by Collegerover during the campaign was the need to continuously produce new, fresh content in order to maintain the interest of its audience. This required a significant amount of time and resources, as well as the ability to consistently generate new ideas and approaches.

  8. Lessons learned

    Collegerover learned that a well-planned and executed content marketing strategy can be an effective way to increase traffic and engage its target audience. The company also learned the importance of continuously producing high-quality content and leveraging data and analytics to track and measure the success of the campaign.

  9. Future goals

    Looking to the future, Collegerover plans to continue investing in content marketing as a key component of its overall marketing strategy. The company aims to further increase traffic and engagement, as well as establish itself as a trusted resource for students and their families seeking information about higher education options.

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